Brand Awareness With Christmas In July

Your first step to company recognition is building your brand awareness after the covid-19 lockdown. Above all our team is thankful to locate Tracy in a semi-coherent state after the recent Covid-19 lockdown. He doesn’t remember much from his time away but it certainly looks like he enjoyed himself. We are now back to work and moving forward with life. Of course backwards is an option as well, but we can’t help you there. Regardless of who’s been naughty or nice it’s none of our concern here at Commercial Graphics! This is your safe place.

In any event we hope you know that we are here for all your brand awareness needs. Everything from printing, graphic, signage, apparel, promo, and auto graphic needs. More importantly, we hope that you know that we’re always up for a good time. In that case let’s take a hint from Tracy and celebrate this Christmas in July with some brand awareness and your company marketing plan.

The Parade Company Brand Identity

It is brand awareness that makes your recognizable in the workforce. Every year Commercial Graphics works together with The Detroit Parade Company helping to promote their brand identity with signage, banners and other large format print for the Detroit Fireworks. This year with Covid-19 thing as well all know are drastically different. As a result that’s why Tracy and his sparkler hope you had a Happy 4th of July, and wish for a bigger bang next year! What a year this has truly been!

Start building your brand awareness and gain company recognition today! Not only is this the perfect time for you to take the reigns with your business but also an opportunity to allow yourself marketing growth. All things considered our team offers great rates, high-quality products as well as sarcastic jokes. We want you to wonder why you keep coming back for more.

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